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SINCE 2014

Premier, industry leading flowback and production well testing company

Bullseye Testing Inc was founded in 2014 and operates throughout the Rocky Mountain region. With over 100 years of industry experience, the Bullseye management team has successfully grown through the years to serve some of the region’s top operators and we continue to strive for nothing short of the best. We have dedicated ourselves to our customers by providing the best equipment and personnel the industry has to offer with one goal in mind - providing the best, cost effective service with no harm to our people, community or the environment.

Service Locations

Operating Throughout The Rocky Mountain Region

As each location provides different challenges and opportunities, we have the experience and expertise to handle every situation.

Colorado Oil Gas Testing Service
wyoming oil gas testing service

How we operate

Taking care of our people, is not just a catch phrase, it’s a core belief that our people are our biggest asset.
Bullseye Testing Inc. requires an active commitment to Health, Safety, and Environmental policies by all employees.


Quality of Service

Bullseye Testing Inc. offers fully customizable packages to meet any of our customers particular requirements for any job.

We have a large inventory of separators with a range of different sizes and pressure ratings that perform to our customers specific needs. Our equipment is meticulously inspected before and after every job.

We also have a quality control team that diligently works to ensure our equipment is ready to go to the field at any time.


How we approach everything we do.

Bullseye Testing Inc. fully understands that at the end of the day our business is all about people. We hire and train people with can do attitudes who strive for excellence. Our senior level management and operations team have decades of experience upholding a high level of standards providing superior services in our industry with a passion for performance.

Bullseye Testing Inc. is committed to results. We pride ourselves in offering competitively priced, superior service with the backbone of our company focused around the well-being of our personnel and community.

Core Values

Safety, a way of life!

At the top of our list of “Core Values” is, the safety and well-being of our people. Our dedicated preventive approach to “Zero Loss” of people, environment, assets, quality of services, and our reputation enables Bullseye Testing Inc. to continually improve upon our services.

The company takes great pride in demonstrating its commitment to workforce safety by leading proactively in industry best practices. A concerted effort has been made to create an atmosphere of trust and cooperation with our employees. Bullseye Testing Inc. actively empowers its members to take preventative measures to ensure the safety and health of not only its employees, but of the communities in which we work and live.


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